Premier League have two options on table for 2020/21 season start date

FLag: Premier League have two options on table for 2020/21 season start date

Premier League bosses will discuss next season’s start date on Thursday with two options on the table.

The 2020/21 campaign could start on August 29, while clubs are pushing for the new season to start on September 12.

Mirror Sport revealed last week that clubs are still discussing a date in August and the 29th is the date on the table and would be favoured by the Football Association because of the England team and Nations League dates in September.

But clubs fear that would mean some teams in European competition – with the Champions League and Europa League ending in late August – would not get any break.

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It is believed September 12 is more likely, with the transfer window dates also up for discussion on Thursday at the next Premier League meeting.

UEFA have proposed the window shuts on October 5.

The Premier League season is due to end on Sunday, July 26, and it has been suggested the window could open the next day – giving clubs around two-and-a-half months to get their recruitment sorted before the proposed deadline.

However, there are fears that could mean some players will be unsettled if the transfer window opens while their season is still ongoing.

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Manchester City and Chelsea are due to be involved in the Champions League in August , while Manchester United and Wolves are still in the Europa League.

The FA Cup is scheduled for August 1, with City due to play Arsenal on July 18 and United set to face Chelsea the following day.

Then there are players playing for Championship clubs, with the play-offs are due to start on July 26 before the final at Wembley on August 4.

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