Pogba debunks rumour that he’s quiting Frances. National Team


Pogba quitting Frances. National Team?

Manchester United star midfielder Paul Pogba has denied reports that he’s quiting the national football team over President Emmanuel Macron’s ‘Islamist terrorism’ statement.

The footballing world was shocked earlier this morning when reports of the French man quiting the national team surfaced online as Pogba’s decision was reportedly said to have come after President Macron said that ‘monstrosity of Islamist terrorism’ must be dealt with strongly.

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Macron’s comments come against the backdrop of the beheading of Samuel Paty a school teacher who was killed for showing allegedly communal cartoons to school children.

According to reports, the 27-year-old World Cup-winning footballer, a practicing Muslim decided to quit the national side in the wake of widespread outrage over Macron’s statement.

The Manchester United midfielder have now taken to his official Instagram page to deny such rumours as he labelled the reports as fake.

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Paul Pogba noted how strongly he stand against any form of terror and violence as he slammed the media house that initiated the reports.

He added that he will be pressing charges against the media house that published the story.

Pogba, whose career kicked off in 2013 in France, played a central role in France’s 2018 World Cup triumph in Russia even scoring in the final against Croatia.

Pogba debunks rumour that he's quiting Frances. National Team

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