Playing with Neymar again and praise for Verratti: Here is everything Lionel Messi said at his first PSG press conference

After being presented by PSG club President Nasser Al-Khelaifi on Wednesday, Messi introduced himself to the fans of his new club, before taking questions from the media.
‘First of all, I want to thank the president for his words. I’m very happy. You know how my exit for Barcelona was, it’s been a very hard moment after so many years, it was a difficult change, he said.’But the moment I arrived here, I felt very happy and I really want to begin the training sessions, to be quick. I’ve been enjoying my time in Paris from the first minute.
‘My only will now is to begin, I want to work with the staff and teammates to begin this new moment in my life.’This club is ready to fight for all the trophies. This is my goal, I want to keep growing and winning titles. I think it can happen.’
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‘It’s really crazy and I’m really happy about that. Sharing the day to day life with them, with all of the squad, there are some amazing transfers so the team is incredible.
‘I really want to train and compete now, I’m going to be playing with the best players. It’s an incredible experience to be able to enjoy this.’

When his debut could be

‘I don’t know. I was on holiday and it’s very new. I spoke yesterday with the technical staff, maybe I need a pre-season.

‘I’m going to begin to train and work. I hope I can play as soon as I can but I can’t answer your question exactly.’

How he feels after leaving Barcelona

‘Everything that happened to me this past week has been strange. It’s been hard, it’s been quick, it’s been emotional.

‘I can’t forget what I lived and felt in Barcelona but I’m really impatient to start this new life. I’m very happy. This whole week I’ve had up and downs, we’re processing things every day, little by little.’

Message to PSG fans

‘As I said, I’m really grateful. The people in the street, I was in Barcelona when the press told about that, I’ve seen things from Spain and people were already outside in the streets, it was incredible.

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‘I want to thank them and I want to see them in the city, in the stadium. It will be an incredible year and we will enjoy all of this.’

Speaking to Neymar before the move

Neymar played a key role in convincing Lionel Messi to join PSG ‘Neymar, of course, did a lot and was important to my decision.’

The standard of French football

‘I’ve been following Ligue 1 because of my friends here in Paris. The championship has been growing a lot and Paris has worked a lot to bring it up, with the transfers, and I think the league is more competitive and getting stronger.

‘It will be a new experience for me. I will have a new rival, new stages and I’m very happy to experience this new atmosphere.’

Marco Verratti

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Verratti is one of the best in the world in his position. He was going to come (to Barca) but it’s the other way now, I have come here.’

A Message to Barcelona fans

Lionel Messi is speaking to the press for the first time as a PSG player: “I am absolutely loving my time in Paris so far. I am very grateful that such complicated negotiations were made so easy. Truly.

‘It was difficult to exit Barcelona without knowing where I’m going to go. It is my home, I’ve been there since I was a kid. I’ve had so many things there, good things and bad things, they knew I was going to arrive in a very strong team.
‘I love to win. I want to win, score important goals. I know that my goals and PSG’s goals are the same, we want to be bigger and bigger. I don’t know if we will face Barcelona, it would be nice to go back there, I hope it would be with the fans when possible because of the pandemic.
‘It would be difficult to play there with another shirt but it could happen and we will see.’

On PSG challenge

‘The only thing I told Leonardo was that I hoped my family would be at ease in Paris. Of course, it’s a new experience but I’m ready for that.

‘At the end of the day, it’s football and that’s the same in the whold world. I have friends here and that makes things easier. I’m really happy. I want to begin now, to know my teammates, to have contact with all of them.

‘This is new for us but I am ready. In the sporting aspect and for my family, it’s an amazing city and it is beautiful.’

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