Fans hysterical as 49-year-old ref Jon Moss gets nickname on boots

Fans hysterical as 49-year-old ref Jon Moss gets nickname on boots

‘No way has he got Mossy on his Lotto boots’: Fans left in hysterics after discovering nickname of referee Jon Moss embroidered on his footwear during FA Cup semi-final clash

  • Jon Moss is one of the most well known referees in English top flight football 
  • The 49-year-old took charge of Manchester City and Arsenal’s FA Cup semi final 
  • Fans had to double take after realising Moss has his own nickname on his boots 

It’s not often a referee finds themselves at the centre of attention during an FA Cup semi-final, but Jon Moss found himself in exactly that position at Wembley on Saturday.

The iconic Premier League ref took charge of Manchester City’s semi-final clash with Arsenal in the evening kick-off, and soon found his name bandied about on social media.

Moss quickly trended on social media platform Twitter for one simple reason… the cameras happened to capture an up-close shot of his football boots.

Referee Jon Moss sported some personalised boot in the FA Cup semi-final clash at Wembley

Moss took charge of the match as Arsenal pulled off an impressive 2-0 win over Man City

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Zooming in after a City player was felled and the game brought to a halt, cameras unintentionally ended up focusing on Moss’s old school Lotto boots, which happened to include his own embroidered nickname.

The all black boots could be see to have ‘Mossy’ stitched in bright white material just under the neck, by the lace rings.

Fans poked fun at the 49-year-old after struggling to believe what they had seen

Fans wasted no time in sharing the image online, with one viewer writing: ‘No way has Jon Moss got Mossy on his Lotto boots’ accompanied by a laughing emoji.

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Others questioned why a 49-year-old man would choose to have such an addition to their boots, while ribbing Moss in a light-hearted manner.

Moss was promoted to the ‘Select group of Referees’ in 2011, a panel of English football referees and assistant refs appointed by the Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL).

Born in Sundeland, Moss moved to West Yorkshire early in his career where he became a PE teacher at a Leeds school.

Moss was promoted to the ‘Select group of Referees’ in 2011 and is now a household name

Moss happened to teach veteran England star James Milner, who was one of his pupils.

Moss has since refereed Milner in the Premier League on multiple occasions, and even sent off his former student when Liverpool faced Crystal Palace at Anfield in January 2019.

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