Chelsea breaks the curse of the European Super with Kepa’s glove

Chelsea breaks the curse of the European Super with Kepa's glove

Chelsea won the European Super Cup, for the second time in its history, after defeating Villarreal on penalties (6-5), after the end of the original and extra time with a positive draw (1-1), on Wednesday evening, in the match that was held at “Windsor Stadium” Park”.

Chelsea opened the scoring through Hakim Ziyech in the 27th minute, and Villarreal adjusted the score through Gerard Moreno in the 73rd minute.

The European Super Cup has been a knot for the Blues in recent years, as they lost 3 consecutive times, in 2012, 2013 and 2019, at the hands of Atletico Madrid, Bayern Munich and Liverpool, respectively.

Chelsea breaks the curse of the European Super with Kepa's glove

Chelsea’s teeth broke early, after Ziyech sent a cross from a corner kick in the sixth minute, followed by Werner with a direct shot, Asenjo starred in stopping it.

In the ninth minute, Kante fired a ground missile from outside the penalty area, which just passed near the post.

Chelsea succeeded in translating his control after he opened the scoring in the 27th minute, after Haveritz sent a cross from the left side, and arrived at Ziyech, who is free of censorship, inside the penalty area, to hit a direct ball into the net.

The response came from Villarreal in the 29th minute, with a shot from Moreno from outside the penalty area, which went wide of the goal.

Spanish reply

Villarreal almost equalized in the 33rd minute, after Foyth sent Peña to Dia, who was alone with Mendy, hitting the floor. The Senegalese goalkeeper was brilliant in stopping it.

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Chelsea reappeared in the 35th minute, after Ziyech passed the ball to Alonso inside the penalty area, who hit a direct kick, which Asenjo sent away to a corner kick.

And Villarreal’s suffering continued, after Ziyech sent a cross from a violation in the 36th minute, and Zuma, who was completely uncensored, arrived in the penalty area, who hit a direct ball that went strangely over the crossbar.

Ziyech sustained a shoulder injury while observing Foyth with a cross in the 40th minute, to come out injured and Pulisic to replace him.

Villarreal missed an opportunity to adjust in the last minute of the first half, after Moreno followed a cross into the penalty area, hitting a powerful ball that hit the crossbar, ending the half with the Blues progressing with a goal without a response.

Villarreal’s Superiority

Villarreal's Superiority

Chelsea started the second half strongly, with a powerful shot from Haveritz from the edge of the penalty area in the 48th minute, just passing by the post.

Mendy made a mistake in taking a goal kick after he slipped during the execution, to reach Moreno, who was alone with the Senegalese goalkeeper in the 53rd minute, hitting a ground ball that touched Mendy’s fingers and hit the post.

With Chelsea’s level declining in the second half, Tuchel pushed Jorginho, Monte and Christensen, at the expense of Kante, Werner and Zuma.

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Villarreal continued his attempts to equalize, with a powerful shot from Pervis from the left side of the penalty area in the 68th minute, Mendy starred in stopping it.

Villarreal equalized in the 73rd minute, after Moreno exchanged the ball with Dia inside the penalty area, leaving Moreno alone with Mendy and scoring in the net.

In the last minute of stoppage time, Alonso hit a powerful ball from inside the penalty area, which passed near the post, ending the original time in a 1-1 draw.

Chelsea almost scored the second goal in the 100th minute, after Pulisic followed a ball away from Villarreal’s defenses, shooting a ball from the border of the 6-yard area, which just passed next to the post.

In the second overtime period, Monte took advantage of confusion in Villarreal’s defense to remove the ball, to hit a powerful ball from inside the penalty area in the 108th minute, Asenjo starred in removing it to a corner kick.

Two minutes before the end, Tuchel pushed goalkeeper Kepa at the expense of Mendy, and the extra time ended in a draw.

In the penalty shootout, Chelsea scored: Azpilquita, Alonso, Monte, Jorgino, Pulisic and Rudiger, and Havertz wasted.While Moreno, Pervis, Gomez, Raba and Foyth scored for Villarreal, Mandy and Albiol were missed.

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